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PSP: SD Gundam G-Generation G-Overworld - New Details & Screenshot Images [Updated 9/13/11]

PSP: SD Gundam G-Generation G-Overworld
(Release Date: Sept. 27th 2012, Price: 6280 yen)
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Other screenshots & images: HERE, HERE and HERE
Playable Units Updates: HERE
New details are available about the Overbreak system in SD Gundam G Generation Overworld, due out for the PSP® from Namco Bandai Games on September 27th. New battle screens have also been released.
Let's jump straight to the fresh info! 

\■ Generation Breaks! Evolve! What's the new "Overimpact"?

Friend to Foe! A new evolution of Generation Break!
The Generation Break, a long-running series feature, lets you achieve Break Trigger objectives to cause crossovers with other Gundam series. In World, the most recent game, up to two alternate Gundam series forces could be warped into a stage.
This game's generation breaks also call forth new allies to match the fresh foes. Favorite in-show events spill over into your stage, making it feel even more like a crossover!

▲ Trigger a Generation Break in this Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY stage, and Full Frontal's forces from Mobile Suit Gundam UC will appear alongside Banagher Links, pilot of the Unicorn Gundam!

▲ A second Generation Break summons an A-LAWS Ahead squadron and Setsuna in the Gundam Exia Repaid from Mobile Suit Gundam 00!

More secret units! Face down fierce foes!
Complete Challenge Missions, even more difficult than Generation Break requirements, and secret units will appear!
Previous games had only one per stage, but now there's two, each of which can appear with an escort. This poses a greater threat than ever, but once you take out the secret unit you can capture them and boost your own forces.

▲ Secret units show up with an escort when you complete the Challenge Mission! This is your chance for a few key captures!

Turn Overimpact's challenge into potential!
Overimpact occurs when you complete the second Break Trigger and cause another Generation Break.
When you trigger Overimpact, all allies not under your control become enemies. This may seem like a terrible turn of events, but it grants you the following opportunities: 

More targets mean more EXP.
  With more experience available, it's a great way to level.

Do your new enemies have a ship?
  Destroy it before you finish them off, and you can capture them!

Generation Breaks and Overimpact don't occur until you fulfill the conditions, so try them out when your squad is ready!

▲ With the mission complete, Overimpact is triggered!

▲ All allies not under your control become enemies. The tide of battle has turned against the player...

▲ Take down the Mother Vanguard, and you can capture the Crossbone Gundam X-1!

■ More new units! Check out their battle animations!

▲ The Assault Guntank roars over rough terrain! 

▲ Full Armor Gundam Unit 7 carves through the enemy! 

▲ Gundam Æsculapius mounts the powerful PX system!

▲ Gundam AGE-1 takes aim with its DODS Rifle.

▲ The Berga Giros signals its Vigna Ghina escort with a beam flag, just like in the movie. 

▲ The Garencieres attacks, just like in Mobile Suit Gundam UC episode 5! A Scylla shot by a Geara Zulu pierces the atmosphere!

▲ Raphael Gundam detaches from the Seravee Gundam II and moves in for the attack. 

▲ Gundam Zabanya wields GN Beam Pistols akimbo.
Images via Dengeki Web Online, Info via Gundam.Info

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